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    1. Live Digs Test, Unboxing and Review: AT Gold & NEL Attack Coil

      I unbox my newly arrived NEL attack Coil, discuss installation on my AT Gold and I give it a real dig test out in my favorite and most ...
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    2. 15" NEL Coil brings Dated SLQ & more!

      Quick metal detecting hunt from Monday April 14th, 2014 using my Minelab E-trac, Garrett Pro pointer, and Lesche Digger.
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    3. Minelab E-Trac Tested with 15" NEL Coil

      Depth and stability were impressive in wet salt water sand.
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    4. Eurotec Pro with 5" NEL coil at the beach

      Teknetics Eurotec Pro with 5" NEL sharp coil, at the beach on wet sand.
    5. First Field Test: Fisher F19 and NEL Hunter Coil gets Ring #30 first day out.

      I went out with the Fisher F19 and the Nel Coil to do my Friday Prep Hunt.. I got a ring with a target ID in the fifties near nickel.
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    6. Teknetics T2 in wet salt water sand with 12 ½" NEL coil

      Testing the T2 at the beach with a 12 ½" elliptical coil. Surprisingly, sensitivity levels did not have to be turned all the way down....
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    7. 1st hunt with new NEL 13 x 14 inch DD coil

      testing the new NEL 13 x 14 inch DD coil on my fisher gold bug.
    8. Minelab Etrac and the NEL 5" sharp coil digging a few targets.

      A few digs at a local park with the Etrac and the NEL 5" sharp coil. This coil goes pretty deep for only being 5 inches.
    9. relic hunting with the nel hunter coil

      took the f75 with the nel coil worked great plan on getting one for the at gold soon.
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    10. SUPER HUNTING! NEL Sharp Shooter Coil Review

      Bought a new NEL Sharp Shooter Coil for my Fisher F75 ltd. I was amazed, not only at the performance of the coil, but all the items ...
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    11. Metal Detecting - testing NEL 15" Attack vs Stock on Garrett AT Pro

      Had a chance to test the NEL Attack 15" on the AT Pro today, as it was delivered to my door yesterday. I bought for the purpose of ...
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    12. Teknetics G2 and the NEL Sharpshooter coil

      Took the G2 to a local park to test the NEL Sharpshooter coil. Tested some targets against the Etrac with the 5" Sharp.
    13. Unboxing the NEL Tornado Coil | Air Testing it w/ the Coinmaster GT

      I just received the NEL Tornado from the Ukraine. An outside test wasn't convenient so I did a quick and dirty air test with the ...
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    14. First Silver Coin found with a Garrett Ace 250 + Nel tornado coil (West Midlands)

      Sorry about the wind :( First Silver Coin! I have been detecting for about 6 months but today was the first time i decided to record ...
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    15. First Detect With The Nel Hunter Coil On the AT Pro

      First trip with the Nel Hunter coil on the AT Pro, nice coil, goes deep, i like it alot. This was last winter and the clay was thick in ...

      Unboxing Nel sharpshooter for Minelab.
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    17. 40th hunt of 2014 ,NEL storm coil finds ring# 52,fairbanks alaska

      8-19-2014 hunt,using the 13 x 14 inch DD nel storm coil and finding a silver cross and ring # 52.